Your Story: How’s it working for you?


When was the last time you thought of yourself as “the artist of your days” as John O’Donohue handily puts it? 

Me? Not very often. 

In fact, I feel most days, the ballot’s still out depending on the quality of sleep I got the night before, strength of my morning coffee, and rigor of my to-do list. 

Wait a minute, though.  That feels victim-y and weak??  Hmm, perhaps.  Yet no matter how much A-Game we tackle our days with, we can all fall into that trap along the way.

Why?  Because we live out of stories.  Hundreds of thousands of stories we make up about ourselves and our lives every single day. 

Part of our work in self-development and therapy (especially when using the Enneagram) is to wake up to the stories we’ve been living out of, albeit unconsciously, for a very long time.  Often these stories are limiting, keeping us cramped and fixated in ways that hold us back from our fullest potential. 

It took landing myself at Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital for a week after a scary encounter with debilitating depression and resulting amnesia to wake up to the fact that my story was indeed, not working for me anymore.  That rock bottom crash shook me to that core.  Finally, I knew I needed to begin to write a new story…something kind and compassionate—something true.

And I did. 

The Enneagram has been a big part of this shift.  I believe it can be for you as well. 

Here’s even better news: you don’t have to check in to your nearest psychiatric hospital to experience this wake up call and resulting transformation.  I believe it awaits you now, as you read these words and go about your day. 

Here’s the deal though: waking up can be stressful.  It’s far easier to coast through life unaware.  (Well, until it’s not.) 

We all need support on this path of transformation.  We need light and encouragement to help us get from where we’ve been to where we long to go.  I believe we’re all on a similar journey in that we want to go home—home to the truth of who we are—home to all God has for us.   

If you feel stuck in the story you’ve been living, you’re not alone.  You don’t have to figure it all out from here, either.  I’d love for you to join my Enneagroup, an intimate, therapeutic monthly group where likeminded travelers unpack their stories and desires in order to discover their true north in the safety of community using the Enneagram as a roadmap. 

For more details or to sign up, click here.  I can’t wait to hear your story…and grow in our unique artistry—together!

Love & Gratitude,