How to feel better...effortlessly


Does this whole self-development-emotional wellness-healing journey feel all too uphill to you at times?  Like you’re doing all the stuff and reading all the books and the needle simply isn’t budging? 

If so, I feel you. 

I can honestly say I’ve come so close to bailing on this whole therapy gig more than once because of my frustration with the process. 

Yet the process is good and necessary.  It’s played a huge part in my story and countless others'.  It’s unfair to throw the baby out with the bathwater as they say. 

For me, one of the flaws in the system has always been the ineffective nature of therapy when we rely solely on talking about our trauma and other issues that landed us in therapy to begin with.  

Is it necessary to unpack our story? Absolutely.

Is it helpful to stay focused on that story? Not so much.  

I believe we need a deeper, more effective way to unlock healing and transformation.  

I don’t think fixating on the problem is the answer. 

Neuroscience and brain-based therapies have become a huge passion of mine throughout the past several years.  I’ve learned that oftentimes when we feel stuck in the past or a painful emotional experience, we can’t merely talk our way out of it in therapy.  We need something deeper—more effective and transformative—to compliment the process.   

This fall, I’m beyond thrilled to partner with NeurofeedbackNashville and offer you an opportunity to heal in a deeper way without working so hard in therapy.  Neurofeedback is a totally passive, restful experience that provides the following results (to name a few):           

  • Increased self-awareness as your brain witnesses itself and its patterns in real time

  • Your brain begins to mindfully choose its preferred optimal responses to life rather than defaulting to the same old feedback loops

  • As your brain keeps training, this learned resilience—rather than reactivity—becomes a new unconscious skill

  • In turn, you feel calmer (or more focused, joyful, or whatever it is that your unique brain knows you need)…without having to work so hard in talk therapy

Hear me out: it’s vital to do the necessary work in therapy to better understand your story and receive trusted support and guidance in seasons of need.  My desire for clients (and beyond) is to effectively and thoroughly work through those seasons and get back to living—and thriving—quickly.   

I believe brain-based therapies like Neurofeedback, are an excellent way to accelerate this process.   

Like most things I’m passionate about and want to share with you, Neurofeedback has been an important part of my personal and pregnancy journey as of late. Pregnancy was a mixed bag for me.  I loved the purpose and excitement of growing a human inside my body, yet I dealt with a good bit of depression and unexpected grief throughout.  I started doing Neurofeedback out of curiosity and was truly amazed by the results.  I don’t know how to describe it other than I felt more and more like the truest, most grounded version of myself.  I felt open, curious, and an increased sense of calm.  It allowed me to let go of some automatic fear responses I’d been stuck in for a long time.  

It’s not a magic pill, mind you.  We must live consciously in our daily experience, choosing truth and compassion over fear.  And yet I believe Neurofeedback makes this choice quite a bit easier. 

If you live in the Nashville area, I’d love to extend an incredible offer to you.  From now through Oct. 31, we’re offering nearly 50% off unlimited individual sessions when you use the code (TRAIN75).  Click here to schedule your first session.  (If you live elsewhere, I encourage you to find a Neurofeedback provider in your area!)  

As always, if you have any questions, reach out!  

Love & Gratitude,