Spring Cleaning and The Truth About Depression


I married a collector. Mostly of musical instruments/gear, tools (because you can never be too prepared), and memorabilia from meaningful past events in life. He is the most thoughtful man I've ever met, and very sentimental.  

I, on the other hand, am more of a minimalist. (Except of course, when it comes to shoes.) I can’t stand clutter, and I throw or give away the things that no longer serve a purpose in the present moment. That or I’ve simply gotten tired of looking at them.  

We never argue about this either… Ha!

Neither way is right or wrong; it’s just what we learned growing up. My family moved house a lot, and my mother is notorious for giving everything away. It’s lovely and drives me mad all at once. The fact that she “lost track” of my Grandmother’s custom designed (by Christian Dior himself!) frocks from the 40’s makes me cry and rage all at once. Don’t worry though; I’m working through that in therapy.

I believe there is a massive link between the space we create to live in, both figurative and literal, and the way we feel. I believe this to be true for the spaces we call home and work as well as in the temple of our physical beings. We must be intentional about creating space for an inspired, purpose-driven life.

That said, I also believe the opposite of depression isn’t happiness, it’s purpose.  

In light of this, I’d like to explore this idea of Spring Cleaning to create space for even morepurpose in your life.  

Here we are in April. The days are a wee bit longer, and the vibrancy of nature’s colorful fashion show is in full effect. Mother Nature gets full-on cocky this time of year.

The tendency is to dust off the winter’s cold and musty residue to make room for what’s to come. We edit our closets, our bookshelves, our fitness routines, as well as our businesses (hello Mr. Tax Man) in order to wipe clean the slate. I freaking love it.  

Isn’t it curious too that studies show a massive lift in depression levels when Springtime rolls around? The seasonal affective curse wanes a bit as vitamin D levels rise. We’ve re-engaged with the hope of something new, something better. We’re getting outside more.  

No matter the season, I sink into a deep and desolate valley of depression when I lack connection to purpose and passion. Circumstantial happiness might thrust me out of it momentarily, but it never sustains.  

This week, I’d love to invite you into a Passion Challenge, if you will. It’s a seven day invitation to connect to something you’re passionate about that fuels your purpose. You don’t need to quit your day job to participate, you just need to do a couple of small chores.

I’ll be giving you more in-depth instructions for the challenge later this week. For now, I’ve got a bit of prep work to give you.  

Identify the clutter. You know the stuff. It’s the fear and confusion you have a death grip on in that lovely head of yours. It’s the old programming of your thoughts that only know a painful past experience, and yet seems to dictate your current reality. 

Take fifteen or so minutes and do a thought detox by writing down all of the narratives and negativity that hold you back. Don’t edit or filter, just write them down in your journal. The “I never have enough time” and “I’m too old to pursue my dreams” and “I don’t know’s.” (That phrase seems so benign yet is a HUGE purpose blocker). 

It’s vital to locate what’s not working in order to clean it up and replace it with something new— better.  

Let this question light the way, “Who is the person I want to become?”  

Anything that clutters that picture should likely be in your thought detox.  

There is limitless power in purpose. It’s time to create lots of space to move yours forward. 

You ready?

Love & Gratitude,