My journey as a therapist has been winding and quite surprising. In my work I am transparent about my story and the seasons when I have battled intense depression and anxiety. I deeply relate to so many who currently experience this struggle and am so grateful for the opportunity to meet them in this place.

Finding hope and healing have always been intriguing to me as well as vitally important. I love the beauty and adventure of life as well as learning how to live it in its fullest form. Knowing the best way to connect to that professionally, however, did not come easily. Along the way, I spent years dabbling in different fields like interior design, fashion, culinary arts, education, and mostly music. However, I always felt that something was missing. Sure, I love aesthetics and food and art of all kinds, but I wanted to somehow combine my passion for helping people with my creative bent.

Ultimately, I long to glean from all of the incredible training, resources, experiences, and mentors I have encountered in order to share hope and insight with those who are in need.





I received my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies (aka I have no idea what I want to do with my life) from Belmont University after several breaks and plenty of resistance toward higher education. Upon graduation, I did some research and decided to dive into graduate school and pursue a career in therapy. I earned a Master’s in Counseling from Trevecca Nazarene University in 2009.

After a few years working in the Christian music industry as an artist and songwriter and concurrently earning licensure requirements at a local non-profit, I decided to streamline my energy and focus. I built a private practice, honing my skills and work as a therapist specializing in the creative, experiential process. I still love to write and record music independently.



My approach is relational and unpretentious. My hope is that my clients actually look forward to therapy sessions! I emphasize the fact that trusting the process is an adventurous journey safeguarded within the context of an honest, confidential and nurturing therapeutic relationship.

My heart is to help people understand and embrace their unique desires, needs, and identity. These ultimately tether us to healthy beliefs about life and ourselves and anchor us amidst chaos. I believe fear can be a very destructive force that stunts authenticity and progress, keeping us isolated in our pain. Because of this, asking for help is extremely brave, and is a step I take seriously and very much champion for all my clients!




Self-Care is a huge part of my holistic approach to therapy. I am a strong proponent of the mind-body-spirit connection when it comes to optimal personal health. Exercise, rest, and a healthy relationship with food are vitally important in promoting emotional wellness and growth. Exercise alone is an effective natural antidepressant and directly reduces anxiety. These things are also typically within our control when other difficult life experiences may not be. It’s empowering to know what we have control of, and make healthy choices to promote excellence in those areas. Often times, the most important first step is to get our self-care in check and build on that gradually. I love helping people find a system of self-care that is realistic and caters to their specific schedule and needs.

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