Katie Gustafson

Psychotherapist, writer, and Enneagram teacher based in Nashville, TN.

MAIN TOPICS: Enneagram | Authenticity | Leadership | Women’s Empowerment | The Brain and Trauma | Creativity


Katie is passionate about people, transformation, and the Enneagram. She facilitates this exciting change process in her work as a therapist & coach, writer, and speaker.  In a culture consumed with constant comparison, loneliness, and anxiety, Katie helps people discover their true selves in order to let go of broken past narratives and create an inspiring future using a powerful tool called the Enneagram.    

She believes as we wake up and compassionately partner with ourselves and our desires, we inevitably find meaning, purpose, and joy.

Trained in the Narrative Enneagram Tradition (EnneagramWorldwide.com) she also guides corporations and other teams towards greater self-development as well as relational and professional growth.    



Katie is an authentic, empathic, and gifted communicator. With a professional background in therapy and formal training in the Enneagram, Katie Gustafson creatively combines mindfulness practices and self-care prescriptions to create deep, transformational change in those she works with.
— Ian Morgan Cron, Author of The Road Back to You

Keynote speeches:

Meant for More: How to unlock your full potential using the Enneagram

Something that’s always terrified me in a healthy sense is not living into my fullest potential.  Yet in order to discover and embody this unique and stunning potential we’ve all been born into the world with, we must let go of other’s expectations and ideas about what that is.  We must also go within as opposed to “out there” in order to find it.  It’s turning FOMO (the fear of missing out) into JOMO (the joy of missing out) by embracing YOUR path, not someone else’s.  

Oftentimes the hardest question to answer is quite simple: “What do you want?” 

I believe our desires are vital in discovering our true north.   The Enneagram, an ancient personality and character assessment, is the roadmap to get us there.  Do you struggle with knowing the next step in your life?  Are you in a season of transition looking for extra insight and support? I’m excited to bring you some fresh perspective and tools to take the guess work out of it.

Learning Outcomes

• The basics of the Enneagram and all 9 types

Effective ways to implement the wisdom of the Enneagram into everyday life

• How to identify the next best decision in your unique journey through inner work as opposed to outward hustle

• Understanding the power of desire and how to use it to your full advantage in life, work, and relationships

• Identify the ways in your life you’ve been playing small

The Enneagram & Self-Compassion : A guide to finding self-love and meaningful relationships 

“I just want to love myself more,” is a phrase I hear almost daily in my work as a therapist.  It leads me to believe we all have a harsh inner critic that tends to get the best of us.  So much so that we constantly stand in our own way of love, connection, and worthiness.  

We do this by living out of a false narratives we developed somewhere along the way.  These narratives, or stories, made sense of the world and helped us survive as a little person.  However, now, they no longer serve us.  This talk is designed to help you let go of these limiting narratives and identify the truth about who you are using the Enneagram and self-compassion practices.

Learning Outcomes

• Identify the limiting story you’ve been living out of

• Learn the 9 different personality types, or stories, taught by the Enneagram

• Understand the 5 stages of personal transformation

• The most common obstacles for self-acceptance 

• Know the difference between self-compassion & self-esteem

• Practice mindfulness techniques to take with you as you grow in compassion for yourself and others

Creativity & The Problem with Perfect: Why imperfection is crucial for wholeness

This is not a topic for “creative” people.  In fact, I think we’re all creative—born to make all kinds of stuff along the way.  Most importantly, our lives.  What separates us from all other mammals is the ability to create—to make up stories.  It’s our birthright.  The one thing that typically holds us back is fear, especially in the form of perfectionism.  

What I’ve learned is that creativity and perfectionism are not friends.  In fact, they hate each other.  Yet we often cling to perfectionism as some type of virtue that helps us get ahead.  I believe it holds us back, and even more, stunts us from creating the life we long to live.  I love what Parker Palmer says, “Wholeness doesn’t mean perfection; it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life.” 

No matter your level of creativity-if you make stuff for a living or if you would like to develop this part of you more, we will bust up some myths and learn some tools to support and deepen your process now.  

Learning Outcomes

Why failure is your friend

• practical tools for letting go of perfectionism 

• The importance of play and why your brain needs it

• Understand and practice the healing properties of creativity, especially writing

• Cultivate a personalized ritual for deepening creativity




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