Space to Ponder

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If you live in Nashville, you know that it is frozen solid, offering her inhabitants some forced down time, or the chance to bravely (?) slide around those icy streets (not recommended). So, how are we doing? Personally, after a week of being sick, I have traded in my flu symptoms fora case of  good ole’ cabin fever.  Neither is ideal, but I’ll take cabin fever over the flu any day!

It is a curious thing that we often do not welcome the extra rest and space these inconvenient winter storms grant us. My observation is that we actually miss the hectic rat race of our normal schedules. Why is this?  Perhaps when there is stillness and space, we must be totally present and aware of ourselves and our potential. We must go into that place and sit…and listen. Busyness allows us to detach and cruise along on autopilot. What I have learned over the years is that people on the therapeutic journey are extremely intuitive and creative on some level. We imagine more for our lives than autopilot; we want meaning…significance. Creative people do several things well, and one of those things is ruminate. We like to think, and over-think, and think about what our over-thinking means, and then we think about it some more for further clarification. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Our thoughts can be very beautiful, helpful creatures that bring life and even magic. Consider your favorite movie or song or childhood story book…they all began with a creative little explosion…a thought! Our thoughts can also be prisons, holding us captive as they team up with fear, anxiety, and perfectionism, stunting us from living life to the fullest, or at all. In this respect, I am amazed by how I get in my own way, intentionally choosing to foster toxic thoughts instead of life-giving ones. Is anyone with me?

How can space help?

Most of us want to have some semblance of control in our lives, (says the self-proclaimed control freak!)  So, let’s use this to our advantage.  Whether it is the longer than normal line at the grocery store, or winter storm Octavia (sidenote: I personally thought Frozen’s Anna or Elsa would be far more appropriate names than Octavia…but oh well), we will always have capsules of space to ponder and be one with ourselves; to choose connection. Delightfully enough, this space gives us time to connect with those things that  steer our lives directionally: our Desires. Fear can steer us too, yet, in my experience, the scenery is much less inviting.

I Imagine how different a day can look if we feed hopeful, even excited thoughts instead of dreary, self-defeating ones.  What stands in the way of you connecting with your desires for love, beauty, significance, prosperity, creativity, and connection?  Furthermore, how can we excavate those heartfelt desires, and give them a voice and some air?

Well, last time I checked, this weather is not permitting much unnecessary busyness, so do yourself a favor, and embrace the space. Write down those desires. It’s just you and you. Encourage them in yourself just as you lovingly encourage a friend. It may feel awkward at first. However, you may just discover that after consistently choosing desire over fear today, tomorrow, and next month…each and every choice may just snowball into something very real and powerful.

With Love & Gratitude,