You're Invited to an Intimate Enneagram Gathering


A year ago this month, I took some time off work and headed out to the charming community of Menlo Park, California just outside San Francisco to train as an Enneagram teacher and coach in the Narrative Tradition. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made south of marrying my husband and becoming a (very soon-to-be) mother.

If this sounds dramatic, let me explain.

I discovered the Enneagram before I was a psychotherapist. In many ways, it gave me language and insight as to how to relate to myself and others out of compassion as opposed to insecurity and fear. Let me just say, there was plenty of insecurity and fear.

Since stumbling upon it thirteen years ago, I can easily say the Enneagram is the most dynamic, life-giving tool I’ve come across and use in every aspect of my life.

As a therapist and coach, the Enneagram is integral in my work with individuals and groups and, to my utter delight, has been life-changing for countless men and women I get to serve.

My desire is to help others take their existing Enneagram insight to a deeper, more transformational level—one that has immediate application in their everyday lives.

Why? Because if all this personality and type business stays a mere talking point at coffee shops and cocktail parties, we’ve really missed an incredible opportunity to thrive!

The Enneagram has caught on like wildfire, especially in our burgeoning town of Nashville, which is beyond exciting to me. Much of what I learned at the Narrative training is just how powerful this tool is when we experience it not only cognitively, but somatically and spiritually as well.

Throughout the past year, I’ve felt a deep calling to support others in implementing this tool. Several of you have asked about group possibilities as well. So today, I’m thrilled to roll out the first of many Enneagram opportunities in the coming months.

You’re invited to a brand-new therapy group expressly crafted for those of you who want to dive deeper into your story and rediscover your truest self, using this gift, the Enneagram. It will be experiential, meaning we will literally experience the group process through creative techniques and exercises like meditation, role play, art, storytelling, and mindfulness practices. Sure, there will be some teaching and sharing, but I truly believe we transform and grow together through doing, not just talking.

Another thing, these groups are closed (meaning the same people attend each time) and completely confidential in order to create the safety necessary to delve into our stories and practice vulnerability within the group. Space is limited to ten people per group and we will meet monthly starting in November and ending in May.

If this sounds remotely intriguing to you or perhaps might be to someone you know, click here for more information.

  • Perhaps you’ve done therapy but are looking for something different and interactive?

  • Or you’re terrified of therapy and this seems like a painless entry?

  • Or maybe you just flat out love the Enneagram and are ready to take it to the next level.

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, I’d love to share this special experience with you!

I have a feeling space will fill up fast, so don’t delay!

Love & Gratitude,