The Enneagram and what's right with you.


I turned forty last Monday. Surprisingly, it was painless, even…lovely!? I’ve been joking around with people who ask how it feels in saying, “It’s glorious. I feel like my age is finally catching up with my soul.” As an old soul since the womb, this really does feel accurate. I’ve always felt a kinship with those older than me. As a kid, I used to hang out for strangely long stretches at the dinner table to listen to conversation my parents would have with their dinner guests. They seemed far more interesting than the make-believe dialog happening in the playroom (although I did love to go there alone in my spare time). But if given the choice to linger at the adult table or play with barbies amongst the other youngsters, 11 times out of 10 I’d choose the first.

This balances out nicely when you’re a bit older and have the freedom to hang with whomever you choose, but in grade school and adolescence, it’s brutal. I perpetually felt misunderstood, alone, and longing for something deeper.

Enter Enneagram.

When I first discovered the Enneagram 13 years ago, I felt a massive wave of relief wash over me, explaining answers to angry questions I’d been asking God for a long time. Why did I do the things I did? How could I learn to make peace with the complex and often terrorizing crew of emotions always up loud? Could anyone explain the inadequacy and longing raging deep inside?

When I read about the character structure for the Enneagram type four, or Individualist, I quickly discovered the foreign language I’d been speaking all along was not what was wrong with me, but what was right with me. In fact, there were others who spoke this language and an entire road map dedicated to us who felt all the same feelings and needed all the same help. I wasn’t, in fact, underdressed and a day late to the ball. (God forbid ever showing up underdressed to a party. My Mama taught me better.)

The Enneagram has been so life-changing, I’ve spent over a decade immersed in self-study and formal training in order to better resource others who might also gain more self-awareness and transformation in their lives. I do take it seriously, and in doing so, have dedicated myself to being a lifelong student. After all, it’s no buzzy trend. It’s been around since the fourth century and is here to stay. I’m no expert, but have recently stepped into the roles of coach and teacher which are beyond thrilling for me.

As I enter this new season of life, I want to invite you to join me. We’ll be talking a bit more about Enneagram concepts here on the blog as well as in therapy and out in the community.

In just a few weeks, I’ll be introducing a monthly Enneagram opportunity for you as well as a free resource I’ve created for you on your unique journey.

I believe the Enneagram is much more than a personality test. It’s an open-ended invitation to the truest version of you. Now that’s a party I don’t want to miss.

It’s also a gentle and wise companion for your everyday experience.

Trust is built over time and baked in safety. We’ve come a long way together. I can’t wait to write this next chapter of the story together.

Love & Gratitude,