The Artist & Depression: An Interview with Matthew Perryman Jones


I’m beyond excited to share today’s podcast interview with you. Several weeks back, I sat down with Matthew Perryman Jones, one of the most truly gifted artists I know. As happens every time we connect, our conversation trailed off into distant fascinating lands and two and a half hours later, time’s up and I realize I’ve got some serious editing to do (which was really hard because every bit of our conversation was so valuable!)

Not only am I eager to share his story today, I’m blown away by the application it has for you and I, no matter if you’re an artist OR struggle with any shade of depression.

MPJ is one of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters. I love what American Songwriter Magazine wrote about him regarding his writing and song “Land of the Living,” which was featured in Oscar nominated film Manchester By the Sea’s official trailer. (Featured on the podcast.)

“MPJ’s songwriting acumen could easily be used as a musical template to demonstrate how less can be so much more. Land of the Living sounds cinematic and slowly worms its way inside your brain, feasts upon your emotions, and ultimately burrows down into your soul. It could be said that Matthew makes soul music — not based on how it sounds, but on where it originates and where it resides.”

I’ve always connected so deeply with his songs, and perhaps more importantly, his voice. However, his voice, as you will learn, did not come without a price. His journey’s been wrought with depression, anxiety, and at times, sheer panic and paranoia.

Today, he shares openly and vulnerably about those painful seasons and how he came to make peace with them, finding his voice along the way.

Please have a listen and sit with his story. It’s a redemption story—one that lends wisdom and clarity to our journey and all those painful questions along the way.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out his music! I look forward to having him back on the podcast to talk more about it as well as the writing process in general.

Love & Gratitude,